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We develop concept based on your belief and our experience about different markets. Concept design would include menu design and with our experience in different cuisines, making it as new and versatile. We would help understand location, provide market research and also plan for restaurant designs, architecture & interior as required

Menu Planning

We provide detailed menu as per the approved concept, upon the submission of first cut of menu and discussion. In accordance with theme, trend and competition analysis, introduction of menu with high quality standard and presented beautifully. We work closely with client to devlop the final curated menu.

Kitchen Planning & Layout

Providing space allocation for all the necessary kitchen equipments in order to support smooth operation of the business, vendor and material section, assistance in procurement of tools and equipment.


We will present an approximate budget for back area for starting up your restaurant which will add to the estimated over all cost of the project. 

The budget will reflect the expenses occurred for kitchen set up, restaurant set up, gas, exhaust system, fresh air system, IT & POS.

Kitchen Equipment

We provide masterlist of kitchen & service related equipment with specifications which will help to get vendor quotes from different suppliers and negotiate for best prices. If required, we also suggest appropriate vendors and help in selection process.

Recipe Devlopment

We provide detailed recipes of each and every dishes in the menu as per portion size and bulk recipes of Mis em place.

Menu Engineering

We provide cost of each and individual dishes in the menu which helps in controlling food cost.

We share menu matrix of individual dishesh with cost price, selling price and cost percentage.

Sales Forecast

We provide approximate sales forecast for 3 months with respect to menu price, number of seating and competition.

Sales forecast helps to plan initial operating cost for projects.

Crockery, Glassware & Presentationware

We provide a masterlist of all Cutlery, Crockery & Glassware with specification which would be best suited for concept, keeping in mind convinience, availability and most important food presentation. We can assist you in sourcing such vendors if required and invite vendor quotes.

Human Resource

We prepare the organization chart for both production and F & B service with background and experience required for each position along with budgeted salaries. We assist you in selection process of production & operations team and conduct interviews with management for same.

Food Styling & Photography

Individual styling of product  & photography. These images can be used for marketing, websites & social media promotions.

Vendor Management

We provide masterlist for all ingredients required to execute the menu which incudes grocery, perishables, vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats, seafood, poultry, egg & frozen. 

We will assit you in ingredient purchase specification which helps to get vendor quote.

Food Trials & Training

Actual cooking of all components of the menu, bulk mis-em-place, preparation and training of individual combination of dishes on the menu as per recipe. We standardrize each dishes for consistency in product throughout. Menu will also offer a good variety, presentation & eye appeal and will target a larger segment of market. 

We follow market trend of using maximum local produce to create recipes. However we also assit in procurring imported ingredients for specific goourmet menu.

Standard Operating Procedure

We create customized SOP for every outlet as per concept & work flow. We cover both core and ancillary department which inludes recieving, purchase, stores, F & B production, F & B service, security.

SOP helps in smooth functioning for F & B outlets

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